PURCHASE 1 gallon of DISTILLED water the day of your piercing.  It is extremely important only distilled water is used, read the labels carefully! Pour ALL of the mineral sea salt that is in the bag we gave you in to that gallon of water.  Shake and let it continue to dissolve over night.  Do NOTHING to your piercing the first day, just get your water mixed.  (Distilled water is found in the water aisle at any grocery store, Walmart or Target.)

RINSE gently with saline after every time you eat, drink or smoke/vape.  Hold in your mouth for 30 seconds - 1 minute, then gently let saline fall out of your mouth.  Try not to spit as this increases swelling and bleeding.

DO NOT spin or rotate jewelry through piercing.  This can cause injury to the inside of the piercing and work bacteria in to the piercing.

CONTINUE soaking your piercing for 2-3 weeks.

DO NOT attempt to change or remove jewelry before instructed healing time, provided by your piercing technician.




USE provided spray bottle of saline solution to clean your piercing daily.


SPRAY once daily, soaking the piercing until it is dripping.  Do not wipe off saline, let it air dry. 


DO NOT spin or rotate jewelry through piercing.  This can cause injury to the inside of the piercing and work bacteria in to the piercing. 


DO NOT put make-up on your new piercing.


AVOID swimming in pools for 90 days and any open water (lakes, oceans etc) for 6 months.

CARTILAGE piercings can take up to a full year to fully heal.  It is common to see a "piercing bump" known as a Granuloma.  Please contact us if this happens so we can give you further instruction on the proper care to help it go away. 


IF YOU suspect that a piercing may be infected please contact our studio immediately. If for some reason we are not reachable, please see your nearest urgent care for evaluation.